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All vehicles are insured with $ 5 million 3rd party liability insurance. This insurance covers accidents in the event that a client is at fault. Your responsibility in case of accidental damage is limited to $500.00. Do you prefer to reduce your responsibility to $300.00 per occurrence? Then opt for a VIP upgrade. This upgrade is available for $6.00 per day.

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Travelling to Alaska, The Northwest, Yukon en Nunavut Territories (Northern Travel) is allowed, but with our consent and signed agreement. A prepaid surcharge could be required.

We do not permit travel on the following roads under any circumstances:

A: - Mexico, Death Valley (May 1 - September 30), Downtown New York City or

B: -Logan's Pass, Montana. Dalton Highway - North of the Yukon River Bridge (to Prudhoe Bay) McCarthy / Kennicott Road (from Chitina), North Canol Road, Road to the Circle (past the Hot Springs), East End Road from Homerand and Hatcher Pass Road (gravel portion only).

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