RV/ Motor Home: a vehicle or vehicular attachment designed for temporary sleeping or living quarters for one or more persons, which may include a pick-up camper, travel trailer, tent trailer, camp trailer, and motor home.

Class C Motor Home:

A Van Camper or Class B motor home is an RV that is sometimes called a van conversion. A complete Class B Camper Van Motor home will contain all of a homes basic amenities including:

  • a bed or beds
  • a dining area
  • a washroom with flush toilet and showering capability
  • a kitchen with sink, stove, refrigeration and storage
  • the van should have sufficient height for an average size man to stand fully
  • the entire unit is a conversion from a complete van chassis
  • the vans size and shape allows for easy handling, regular parking and comfortable city driving

The last point above is what makes a Class B Van Camper Motor Home distinctly different from a Class A Motor Home or Class C Motor Home.


Collision Damage Waiver

Convenience Kits

Standard Kits, included with all vehicles, contain elementary things as water hose, sewer hose, operations manual and e.g. a 110v adapter.

Convenience Kits include almost everything you have to take with you on your trip and are a perfect replacement for everything that doesnít fit in your luggage.

They include things like: comforter, set of sheets, pillow / pillowcase, face cloth, bathtowel, hand towel, dinner plate, bread plate, bowl, cup, glass, knife, fork, spoon.

Per Vehicle: pots and pans, frying pan, mixing bowls, can/bottle opener, cork screw, carving knife, paring knife, flashlight, multi-screwdriver, clothes hangers, mixing utensils, coffee pot, kettle, juice container, dish cloth, tea towels, ash tray, waste basket, bucket, dust pan & broom.

OK, you could opt for Walmart, immediately after your arrival on location and probably almost at the same quality, but at the same time it doesnít fit in your luggage on your way backÖSo why donít you pick some clothing and your toothbrush and rely on the convenience kits?

Olympic City

The International Olympic Committee selected Vancouver as the Host City for the XXI Winter Games. Athletes and spectators from around the world will gather in Vancouver and the alpine resort of Whistler in 2010 to celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Selected for its beauty, accessibility, unlimited services and activities, Vancouver looks forward to hosting the world!

Statutary Holidays

  • New Year Day January 1
  • Family Day February 21 (Calgary only)
  • Good Friday March 25
  • Victoria Day May 23
  • Canada Day July 1
  • Civic Holiday August 1
  • Discovery Day August 15 (Whitehorse only)
  • Labour Day September 5
  • Thanksgiving Day October 10
  • Remembrance Day November 11
  • Christmas Day December 25
  • Boxing Day December 26


  • Black Water -- disposal water from toilet system, held in "holding tank" until you "dump it, in large tank available at most campgrounds.
  • Convenience Kits -- see "Liveability Packages."
  • Dinette -- booth-like dining area. Table usually "drops" to help convert unit into a bed at night.
  • Double sink -- sink with 2 compartments; deemed more versatile than one with a single one.
  • Dual electrical system -- RV equipped with lights, appliances which operate on 12-volt battery power when self-contained, and with a converter, on 110 AC current when in campgrounds or with an on-board generator.
  • Gray Water -- disposal water from sinks, shower. In some units, this is held in a tank separate from "black water"; is also dumped in tanks at campgrounds.
  • GVWR -- Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The maximum loaded weight for which the vehicle was designed.
  • Liveability Packages -- items to equip a motorhome for daily living, which may be rented at nominal cost from rental firm, rather than brought from home. Include bed linens, pillows and blankets, bath towels, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, cutlery.
  • Propane -- LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas, used in RVs for heating, cooking and refrigeration. Also called "bottle gas," for manner in which it is sold and stored.
  • Rig -- what many RVers call their units.
  • Roof air conditioning -- air conditioning unit mounted on roof of RV, to cool the RV when it is parked. When moving, most RVs are cooled by separate air conditioning units which are components of the engine, or they may be cooled by a roof top if a proper size generator is installed.
  • RV - short for Recreation Vehicle, a generic term for all pleasure vehicles which contain living accommodations. Multiple units are RVs and persons using them are RVers.
  • Self-contained -- RV which needs no external electrical, drain or water hook-up. Thus, it can park overnight anywhere. Of course, self-contained units can also hook up to facilities when at campgrounds.



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