Terms and conditions

Availability check :

  • Step 1: Please check upon availabilty first by filling out the quote form on this website.
  • Step 2: We'll use your email address to give you an indication of the rates and additional costs and to confirm your request.
  • Step 3: After our check upon availability we'll contact you right away.
  • Step 4: As from that moment on you will be able to proceed with your reservation.

* Note: without valid email address we'll fail to give you a proper answer...

Cancellation fees :

The following cancellation charges apply:

  • Booked and cancelled within 5 days: No charge
  • Over 30 days prior to departure: $50.00
  • 30 to 15 days prior to departure: $300.00.
  • From 14 to 8 days prior to departure: 60% of the invoice, with a minimum of $500.00.
  • 7 days or less prior to departure: full invoice.

Note: For one-way rental cancellations, the one way drop-off charge will be added to the regular cancellation charges. "No shows": Customer failing to arrive on departure day or declining vehicle at departure for whatever reason is condidered as a departure day cancellation.

Convenience Kits :

  • Standard Kits: (included with all vehicles)
    Water hose, sewer hose, operations manual, 110v adapter, batteries, first aid kit, pliers, screwdriver.

  • Convenience Kits: The following items are available as Convenience Kits for a one-time charge of Can $ 70.00 per person, per trip.) In our ALL IN packages the convenience kits are included, not to exeed the number of beds in the vehicle.

  • They include the following per person/per trip: comforter, set of sheets (not to exeed the number of beds in vehicle), pillow / pillowcase, face cloth, bathtowel, hand towel, dinner plate, bread plate, bowl, cup, glass, knife, fork, spoon.

  • Per Vehicle: pots and pans, frying pan, mixing bowls, can/bottle opener, cork screw, carving knife, paring knife, flashlight, multi-screwdriver, clothes hangers, mixing utensils, coffee pot, kettle, juice container, dish cloth, tea towels, ash tray, waste basket, bucket, dust pan & broom

All tableware (plates, etc.) are non-plastic and are made of corning / corelle china.

Optional extras:

  • Camping chair - $9.00; axe - $9.00; baby seat - $35.00; baby bed - $45.00; Toaster - $12.00; TV/VCR - $50.00
  • Any of the optional items cannot be reserved as they are on a first come, first serve basis only.
  • Camping directories provided.

Credit Cards :

On location we accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express (Amex) should you wish to pay using a credit card. (Mandatory for Security Deposit).

Customer Orientation :

A minimum of 45 minutes to 1 hour is required to familiarize the client with the operation of the rental vehicle prior to departure. Instruction manuals in English, French, German, Japanese, Italian and Dutch are supplied for the convenience of the client.

Discount on Bookings :

Bookings of 30 days in length or more qualify for 5% discount on daily rates and km plan; 40 days + means 10% discount.
CDW insurance premium will be included at no additional charge for each day exceeding 30 days.

Discount Cards :

CMH provides a 10% discount card for overnight stays at KOA campsites.

Driver Requirements :

The minimum age for qualified drivers is 25 years. Drivers must be in possession of a valid driver's licence from his or her country of residence. An International driver's licence is recommended, but not mandatory, for travel in Canada.

Early / Late Returns :

No refund will be made for the early return of a rental vehicle. Late returns are subject to a charge of $30.00 per hour, up to and including 4 hours. After 4 hours lateness, the charge for one full day of rental shall be charged.

Fines and Penalties :

Renter will be responsible for any and all fines, including traffic violation charges and/or hit and run accidents charges, subject to an administration charge of $25.00

Fuel Consumption :

Gasoline costs are the client's responsibility. Vehicles are supplied with a minimum 1/4 tank. Client must return the vehicle with the same amount of gas received on pickup. In the event of a deficiency, the client will be charged $75.00 for each 1/4 tank. No claims are made as to fuel consumpion.

Insurance :

All vehicles are insured with at least $ 5 million 3rd party liability insurance - PLPD. This insurance covers accidents in the event that a client is at fault. The units carry $500.00 deductible for collission and comprehensive.

To reduce your responsibility in case of accidental damage to $300.00 per occurrence (for Toronto and MontrČal) or $500.00 (elsewhere) you might opt for a VIP upgrade. VIP includes compensation in case of a breakdown of up to $2,500.00 per claim. (Subject to VIP terms and conditions). VIP-Upgrade is available for $6.00 per day in Toronto and MontrČal but for $25.00 in Vancouver, Whitehorse and Calgary.

Accidental damage is described as collision, theft, vandalism, fire and windshield / glass damage. All accidental damages must be reported to the rental location immediately and be accompanied by a written accident report and police file / occurrence number. Other damages will encompass all other damages, including off road damage, damage while backing up or parking, overhead and undercarriage damage, tire damage and damage to 3rd party vehicle or property during any other damage occurrence. Your liability in case of other damages is limited to $5,000.00 - these damages tend to be easily preventable by being aware of overhead objects, driving slowly, and having someone outside the vehicle as a guide in tight situations and while backing up.

Clients are responsible for all tire damages.

CDW/VIP-coverage does not apply to non-sleeping vehicles. Malfunction of the cruise control, radio, air conditioning, refrigerator or generator does not constitute a breakdown.

The insurance coverage provided does not include damage to the vehicle from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Please note the following conditions

There is no insurance coverage and guest will be responsible for all damages if the vehicle is driven to an unauthorized area without approval. These areas include logging and non public roads, travel to Mexico, the Alaska Highway north of Fort St. John, Cassiar Highway (#37) north of Kitwanga, Highway 35 north of Peace River, Quebec & Labrador north and east of Sept-Iles and all roads in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Labrador and Newfoundland. There is a $900 penalty for unauthorized driving in these areas.

In addition, note that parking of your vehicle is prohibited in the greater metropolitan area of Montreal and Ottawa; this includes all pay parking lots, hotel parking lots, side streets, malls, etc. In these areas, park your vehicle at a campsite and use public transportation, taxi, etc.

  • Thefts in Montreal/Ottawa: $5000
  • Damages and accidents while driving in unauthorized areas: All costs
  • Damage and accidents caused while the vehicle is driven by unauthorized driver or driver under the influence of drugs/alcohol: All costs
  • Willful damage: All costs
  • Damages and accidents caused while vehicle driven by an unauthorized driver not listed on the rental contract: All costs
  • Damages and accident caused while vehicle is driven in the USA without prior authorization: All costs
  • Damages incurred during illegal act: All costs

    Maintenance and Repair :

    Renters shall be responsible for checking and insuring that all fluid levels, including oils and coolants, are at appropriate levels throughout their rental. Faillure to maintain these levels will result in the renter being responsible for all costs in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

    Mileage :

    Renter is responsible for the cost of all kilometers driven, minus any kilometers prepaid. Additional kilometers, over the prepaid amount, will be charged at the brochure rate of .30 cents each.

    Minimum Rental :

    7 day minimum rental
    14 day minimum rental for one-way bookings.

    Northern Travel :

    MotorHome travel into Alaska, The Northwest, Yukon and Nunavut Territories is permitted for units originating from Whitehorse, but must be confirmed in advance by means of a signed agreement.

    We assume no responsibility for mechanical repairs or expenses if the vehicle is travelling in a travel restricted area.

    One-Way Bookings :

    One-way rentals are available between all rental stations:

  • . Vancouver to Calgary or reverse: $ 550.00
  • . One-ways between all other affiliated locations: $ 750.00

  • One-way rentals in Eastern Canada are available between our rental stations Toronto and Montreal, without surcharge, but only from:

  • . Toronto to Montreal with drop-off before June 14th and
  • . MontrČal to Toronto after September 15th.
  • . Note: 14 days minimum on all one-way rentals.

    Optional Extras (subject to availability) :

    Mountain Bikes ? Bike Rack ? Colour Television with built-in VCR ?VHS ? Axes ? Lawn Chairs ? Microwave Oven ? Toaster ? Baby Seats. Note: Whenever possible, we will assist in arranging the rental of specialty items such as canoes through local rental companies.

    Pets.... :

    Sorry, pets are, and smoking is prohibited. Renter assumes all responsability for any damages, additional cleaning, including fumigation charge of $250.00.

    Preparation Fee :

    Destinations Vancouver, Calgary and Whitehorse

    A one-time mandatory preparation fee of $ 55.00 applies. It includes: ? The standard kit per vehicle ? Key camping directory and maps ? The first tank of propane ? Toilet chemical ? Vehicle interior cleaning ? Shuttle transfers (to and from station) Note: unused propane and toilet chemicals are not refundable.

    Destinations Toronto and MontrČal

    New for 2005!! Preparation fee is included in our rates to cover the costs of the first tank of propane, toilet chemicals and transfer. There will be no refund for unused propane and toilet chemicals.

    Responsibility :

    Client itself is responsible for hotel charges, car rentals or any other incidental or consequential cost in the event of a breakdown. Liability is expressly limited to the schedule of daily rental rates. (See insurance and waivers for refund under VIP protection).

    Security Deposit :

    At the time of pick-up, the client is required to process a security deposit which is refundable to the client if the rental vehicle is returned in its original condition and all charges owing have been paid Security Deposits by accepted credit card only!:

    Security Deposit in Toronto and MontrČal :
    • $500.00 with CDW option
    • $300.00 with VIP option

    Security Deposit in Vancouver, Calgary and Whitehorse :
    • $2,500.00 with CDW option (!)
    • $500.00 with VIP option

    Specials :

    Take 10!.10 Day Special Package as low as $ 8.00 per day *.... Including 10 nights, 500 km, preparation fee, CDW coverage with $500.00 deductible in case of accidental damage, & 2 convenience kits.

    • MHC24: $ 650.00
    • MHC28: $ 700.00.

    Pickup Toronto must be prior to April 25th 2005. Additional days available at regular rates, additional kilometers cannot be prepaid. Additional convenience kits to $50.00 each for this special only. Cannot be combined with any other special, discount, offer or promotion. Subject to availability. Subject to applicable taxes. Must be requested at the time of booking "TAKE10". For 20 days booking, 2x "TAKE 10"packages may be puchased.

    * 10 Nights of great value. If we were to break out apart all of the inclusive items, e.g. CDW $180.00; Preparation fee $125.00; Kits $140.00; 500 km $125.00 Total value=$570.00, so for a MHC24 motorhome it is only $8.00 per day!!

    Storage :

    We will provide free storage of luggage, airline tickets, and valuables
    at the client's own risk. Excludes liability for personal property.

    Substitutions :

    We will make every effort to provide the renter with the type of vehicle requested. We do, however, reserve the right to substitute a vehicle of equivalent or lower value or offer a higher rated vehicle at no additional cost. Should a lower rated vehicle be substituted, our responsibility is limited to refunding the difference in the daily rental rates.

    Transfers :

    The rental station will provide complimentary pick-up and return to the international airport, airport hotels (Toronto and Montreal / Dorval). We do not pick-up in downtown Montreal or Toronto.

    Montreal: There are complimentary transfers from Dorval Airport or Dorval airport area hotels only. Due to the distance from the rental station to downtown Montreal and Mirabel Airport, complimentary transfer does not apply.

    Calgary: The rental station will provide complimentary pick-up and return to the international airport, airport hotels.

    Vancouver: The rental station will provide shuttle transfers (to and from station).

    Whitehorse: pick-up and return to the airport.

    NOTE: We advise clients from overseas to overnight before they pick-up their rental vehicle in order to adjust to the time change. We will assist any client with hotel arrangements if requested.

    Travel Restrictions :

    Clients, starting in MontrČal or Toronto, are not permitted to travel to / in Mexico, Death Valley (May 1 - September 30), downtown New York City, or Logan's Pass - Montana. A $ 900.00 penalty will be charged for all restricted travel, and all insurance coverage will be void.

    Vehicles, starting in Vancouver, Whitehorse or Calgary, are not allowed to travel to Mexico, downtown New York City and to Montreal.

    Note: a $10/night fee applies to any travel within the United States (including Alaska). Not applicable for rentals from Toronto and Montreal. Guests assume all responsibility for any expense or loss of time while traveling in restricted areas.

    Vehicle travel into Alaska, The Northwest and Yukon Territories is not automatically permitted. Customers who travel to these areas without permission will be subject to a $900.00 penalty and will void all insurance coverage.

    We do not permit travel on the following roads under any circumstances:

    • ? Dalton Highway North of Yukon River Bridge (to PrudhoeBay)
    • . McCarthy / Kennicott Road (from Chitina)
    • ? North Canol Road
    • ? Road to the Artic Circle (Past the Hot Springs)

    • We permit travel on the following roads, however, the VIP insurance must be purchased, and it will not cover any damage to the tires:
    • ? Dempster Highway
    • ? Denali Highway (between Denali and Paxon)
    • ? Laird Highway



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